RollR® 60 Wheeled Cooler


An all-terrain attacking, patented design, blustery bunker on wheels that can go anywhere you can. This hard cooler is engineered with the world's best cooling and organization design on the inside and built to carry your campsite, tailgate, or party on the out.

Color: Gobi

Get things rolling with Beach Wheels

The only all-terrain beach wheel kit on the market where no additional modifications to the cooler are needed.

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RollR with Beach Wheels on the beach


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  • Certified Bear Resistant rotationally molded body and lid with AnchR™ Pins for attaching our accessories

  • Up to 10 days of ice retention depending on use

  • Capacity in food and beverage terms: Without DeepFreeze™ Dry Bin installed: 60 cans and 20lbs. of ice. With DeepFreeze™ Dry Bin installed: 40 cans and 10 pounds of ice in main compartment and 4-6 bottles of spirits upright with meats, breads, fruits and veggies in dry compartments

  • High Density Insulation

  • RollR® All-Terrain Wheels*

  • 12.5 mm stainless steel axle*

  • Dual MotoGrip™ Handle*

  • DeepFreeze™ Dry Bin with 2 compartments*

  • SealTight Gasket*

  • Bullseye Latches™*

  • DualSpout™ Plug*

  • SureGrip Feet*

  • 5-year limited warranty**

  • For bear proofing - secure with our Bear Proof Lock on each corner to ensure minimal play between lid and RollR® body

  • IGBC Certification Number 5255

  • RollR 60 weighs 45 lbs. with LandR Bin and 40 lbs. without LandR Bin

* Can be removed, replaced or repaired at home to increase the longevity of your RollR under the most extreme conditions. ** Refer to warranty on site for more info.
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