Order Deadline - September 15, 2021

Shipping Window - February 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022


  • Terms are subject to change without prior notice. 
  • All pre-season orders must be shipping purchase orders; no projections or forecasts will be accepted.
  • RovR Products reserves the right to ship within two weeks of the requested ship date.
  • Changes must be submitted 15 days prior to ship date.
  • No Drop Ships, returns or exchanges.
  • 3% fee for credit card payments. 
  • Submitting an order to RovR Products constitutes agreement with all RovR Products policies and conditions.


Discounts are calculated on product only. There are no discounts on freight charges or partial payments. Payments must be postmarked 30 days to receive the preseason discount. Any payments received after this period will be billed for any unqualified discounts taken. If a dealer is not on open terms, the discounts may be deducted from COD or prepayment orders. All discounts are cash (check or wire) discounts only.


No additions to preseason orders may be made after the preseason order deadline. Any additions made are considered an ASAP order and will be put onto a separate order. Any cancellations or reductions of preseason orders resulting in a net loss of 25% or more will cause a loss of terms on the order modified.

Cancellations or reductions to preseason orders must be verified in writing a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to the ship date. Cancellations or changes that result in volume dropping to a lower discount level, change the terms for that order, as well as ALL remaining preseason orders and re-orders.

Level 1 - RovR Starter Pack
Level 2 - RovR Fam Pack
Level 3 - RovR Fanatic Pack
0% / Net 30
2% / Net 30
 4% / Net 30
$2,000 Minimum Total Orders
Confirmed on the books
$4,000 Minimum Total Orders
$1,000 Per Ship Date
$8,000 Minimum Total Orders
$1,000 Per Ship Date



Net 30 - WAC, pending stock balances and availability. 

PDF of this information is available to download, here.